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If you have lived in the Burlington, WA area for any amount of time then you are already well aware of KarMART Volkswagen. Our family has been serving the area for over 35 years, and we have had Volkswagen vehicles in our blood for almost as long. If you are new in town, or have somehow not heard of us yet, then ask around, we are sure that you will like what you hear. We don’t just believe in the customer, we fight for the customer, that’s why we hunt the entire country for Volkswagen deals, so you don’t have to. We bring the deals right to your doorstep in Burlington. We do this because our top priority is you, the customer. We care so much that we are literally willing to go the extra mile to improve your car buying experience.

Volkswagen is important to us. It is a part of our family, and we hope to make it a part of yours, if isn’t already. Volkswagen is just another way to spell quality, but not just any quality, high-grade German engineered quality. Quality you can get behind. Quality that will make you feel safe. Nothing feels quite like a Volkswagen driving down the road. If you have never had the pleasure of driving one, or at least being a passenger in one, then you are missing out on a truly important automotive experience.


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Welcome to our Volkswagen dealership in Burlington WA

Volkswagen’s are always at the cutting edge in technology, and that extends to every facet of the driving experience. The handling, the fuel economy, the interior, the performance, are all heightened behind the wheel of a Volkswagen. Nothing really can beat the ride in a brand new Volkswagen, and that’s why we sell them. When you buy a new Volkswagen, you are not just buying a car, you are investing in the future, because that Volkswagen, with its reliability and safety, will be around for many enjoyable years to come. If you are in the market for a new car, trust two names that have been around the block, Volkswagen and KarMART Volkswagen.

Not all of us can afford to take the dive into a brand new vehicle, but you don’t have to worry, KarMART Volkswagen has you covered. With our wide selection of certified pre-owned vehicles, we are confident that we can still find the perfect fit for you. Many of our pre-owned vehicles are even Volkswagen vehicles, and with VW reliability, it will almost be like you were driving a brand new car off our lot. With our trade-in program your new or used Volkswagen just got that much more affordable. Head on over to our trade-in calculator to see just what we are talking about.

Get Service From The Best

We are not just a dealership, we are your car care providers. We will be there for every bump in the road, and every maintenance check up. Your car continues to be an extension of our business long after we have sold it to you. Volkswagen are quality vehicles, and we believe that they deserve quality service. We will work hard to get your vehicle back to you as quickly as possible, without cutting corners or using cheap and unreliable parts. We realize that you may not be in the best of moods when you come down to KarMART Volkswagen for service, nobody likes it when their car needs work, but when you leave here, you will have a smile on your face.

The parts in your car make your car the wonderful machine that it is, so why would we use anything but the best manufacturer approved parts for your vehicle? The people who engineered and assembled your Volkswagen, knew what they were doing, and we do not second guess them. Our parts will get your car back on the road and back into the realm of safety and reliability that you have come to expect from the Volkswagen name. We carry an extensive inventory of parts here, but on the off chance that we don’t have what you need, we can get it. If you don’t think you can handle the installation, we can do that for you. Even if all you have is a question, we can certainly help with that too. Stop by KarMART Volkswagen in Burlington, WA, and see what we are all about!

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